Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Up my sleeve...

*** Updated***
Hubby kiboshed the whole thing! He does not want anymore kids no way no how. Hummm... I wonder how this will all pan out in the end?

I have a few things in the works starting in June.

Why yes it does include a move to a new house. No not one out of state or for that matter out of my current town.. it does however come with a few extra bedrooms to fill up.


  1. Well that is very interesting... you going to take in some kids? More pets? My ex? LOL

    1. Def not your ex!! LOL And no more pets!

    2. oh wow! You just can't have an empty nest huh ;)

    3. No. Frank is too and we can't really do the travel thing because we have dogs... so... I figure... there is a need and I have the ability to help.

      Wait until you see the house :-)

    4. You are sneaky! I had no idea! Well I mean, I knew you've always wanted to foster/adopt but I didn't know you had something in the works! EEEEEEK! So exciting!!!

  2. Sounds awesome and I am slightly envious. I really miss having kids in the house. Best of luck!