Wednesday, November 7, 2012

HESI is my beeotch...

When going over the HESI scores of my past... I have noticed an increase in scores every semester.

This is an increase in "working" knowledge if nothing else. What I do best are the Analysis questions, which is a good thing since those are so very highly scored. Apparently my critical thinking skills are pretty strong, whereas my base knowledge- aka spew out facts, well that is a little lacking.

Why? Because I OVER THINK... yup you guessed it, where critical thinking and analysis are great in some aspects, they are not so great in others. I have issues with excepting base facts without knowing more information and debating the what ifs.

Well good news for me... NCLEX thinks the way I do right :-) Ok back to your regularly scheduled studying.

So here is a question for ya:

What would you do first? You observe your s/p 4 hour thorocotomy pt and noticed there is no evidence of tideling in the water seal chamber on a chest tube drainage system. Check for kinks or assess the insertion site?

At first I put check for kinks... yup that's an intervention, heck its the most common reason right. But then I was like, no wait a minute, what if the connection at the insertion site has come out of the pt for some reason? Checking the tube first would use up valuable time if the tube wasn't even in the patient to begin with. Then I think, well yeah... assess the pt first then the equipment next. So I changed my answer... Yeah I was wrong.



  1. My first thought was check for kinks because less evasive before messing with insertion site. That's my only rationale. I'm thinking it's the same if your tele pt. suddenly has a weird rhythm and instead of charging in the room with an AED, you're supposed to check if the tele patches came off.

    1. That is totally the direction I started with. Of course then I talked myself outta it. But yeah... I think in real life... you can actually do both at the same time. Glance at the patient while you are looking at the lines. Same with the vent alarms. Urgh. :P