Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shifts 2-4

What can I say about Preceptorship? It has been a lot better than I had anticipated, I like it and can see myself doing it, working in a hospital on my own and all, but of course it's not exactly what I really want to do. Not that there are any openings or anything. 1st they are really pushing magnet status ie... BSN need only apply. 2nd they have too many nurses already and most days have RNs working as techs!

So one problem that I have is that despite my preceptor being awesome, because she is, she is a bit chatty with other staff members during times that I think would be better spent with getting the time management under control a bit better.

One of my skills is time management,since working in LTC and having 30 residents to get meds to, chart on, skin assess and manage 2 meals for, along with problems that arise, I became a master at priority and managing my time effectively. Heck even in my customer service job, I excelled at time management and priority. So anyway, because of the chatty, and the fact that I have to be supervised for more of the care on this floor ie- most things are IV push...I have to wait around for her to finish many off topic conversations (complaining about something usually), in order to get started with something or to attend to someone's needs.

I am pretty much a get what needs to be completed via clustering care type of person, she has a totally different method, which usually results in lunch around 1500... and a last minute rush around 1830 that will ultimately result in a bunch more things to do, last minute IV start, pain medication or whatever.

Report takes forever there too, which means I get home well after 9pm some days... needless to say the shifts had made it impossible to go to my actual paying job this week! (Updated: Which the scheduler B at the office tried to give me crap over. Needless to say I reminded her that our Company has a policy that some school hours count as "work" hours, and I could have made them pay me for them without having to cram the hours into the end of a week. This last week I just took a sick day to make my ours remain fulltime.)

Anyway... I am hoping to be let off the leash a little bit more today, like with the dressing changes that I would like to accomplish first thing instead of last thing in the day.

Oh and I realized one other thing... I need a freaking new stethascope... this one SUCKS!!!

Ok well off to shift number 4 out of 7...last one for the week. Debating on if I can manage to get to my actual job today after this shift... perhaps I can fit in at least 10 hours and a 14 tomorrow... perhaps a few on Saturday... though my next shift for preceptorship #5 is on Sunday.

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