Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Part Deux

And with that... bring on HESI RN EXIT. I found a site yesterday called Prep-U, which is powered by the Lippincott people, who make an adaptive test quiz program, it helps you determine strengths and weaknesses and then creates a quiz for you to study from, scoring your mastery of the topics as it goes. I wish it were as hard as the tests that I take in my program, which it is not, but it is helping me gain back my confidence for today.

T-minus 3 hours...


1147 = 99.99% = ALL of the available proctored points. But heck yeah I will take that I need all of the points and positive energy I can get!


  1. Are you taking that Prep U through your schooling or on the side? How much does it cost? I went to the website but it looks as though I have to access it through an instructor.

    1. It was $65 for 90 days access... it is a round about complicated way to get in... but you can :-)

      Click on the Medical/Nursing
      Click on Nursing
      Click on NCLEX Prep
      *Find NCLEX-RN 10,000 – Powered by PrepU
      once you purchase the student resources... you can then start taking quizzes. It is not the most user friendly website... but keep searching until you see the student resource purchase one.

    2. http://thepoint.lww.com/Book/Show/128401#tab_128402