Sunday, November 4, 2012

Studying Methods

Which do you prefer? I personally like to do MANY different things to study. I listen to lectures from youtube and also listen to my "Natural Reader" program read my lecture notes to me. I also read my notes myself while reciting the lists of things or quizzing myself. I read and reread Powerpoints, and let's not forget NCLEX style questions a plenty. I do the NCLEX questions on the Evolve website, in NCLEX books at the local B&N, and of course in the back of text chapters.

I don't however, spend much time reading the textbook pages. I try and look at the boxes or tables in the text, but sometimes I don't even do that. The abundance of information and filling in there is just too daunting, when what I really need are the bullets.

Does this work for me? Well most times it does, as long as I spend enough time doing it. I am not a crammer... my short term memory sucks, so I really have to start early now and continue daily.

Whereas, I used to have to only study for about 3 days for the tests, but that has changed a bit as my anxiety has increased... I think it may have to do with the lack of sleep and just ultimately that I am not really dealing with my stress effectively right now.

This weekend the boy was home and he helped me a lot with quizzing me on my notes and studying with me at the store. We took turns asking each other questions out of our respective study guides (his for the ASVAB). It was some nice PRODUCTIVE bonding time. I really miss him not being home this semester. I can't wait for May for him to move back home. Of course that is until he leaves for Basic Training, sometime in the late summer early fall, I am not looking forward to that AT ALL!

Anyways.... back to my notes... exam tomorrow, HESI on Tuesday and Final on Thursday. Did this program fly by or what?


  1. hello there,. I was so glad I found your blog. what kind of study material did you use for HESI?

  2. NCLEX-RN by HESI & Mosby Comprehensive Review & PrepU NCLEX-RN 10,000 by Lippincott

    The PrepU has an adaptive quiz that gets harder the higher your mastery of the topics becomes. Since I received an 1147 on the HESI Exit RN... I recommend it. :-)