Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Negative Nursing

Why do nurses have to eat their young, heck why do nurse have to plain old eat each other and spit them out?

I blame the concept of being able to "write up" your peers. It becomes more of a tit for tat game in the end. What other profession is given such "power" to practically discipline a peer? It simply breeds more stress to an already stressful field and a down right spiteful hateful person can have a huge impact on the career and license of someone else.

I totally can't wait for the Negative Nelly of a Nurse I replaced, who has come back for a few months, to leave again. The negative atmosphere is suffocating and causing such tension between the shifts. I do not want to be lumped in with this bullshit. Sometimes you just have to keep the shit to yourself suck it up and deal!

In other news, back at my old "side", my monotony has had a break and I am cruising right along with the shift and liking it again. Meanwhile on the other side, more complicated admits and haha... " Mrs. I have seniority and am taking my side back while I am over here." is slammed and has more "work".


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  1. Agree with you on the write-ups. There has to be some system to report/address/prevent recurrent error, but it all too frequently spirals into a personal battle. A newer nurse told me the other day that she was written up five separate times in one day by the oncoming nurse. Hopefully management can see that kind of over-the-top, catty behavior for what it is.