Saturday, August 28, 2010

Staffing Shake-ups...

It appears that one of the day shift nurses on our station has finally been brandished her walking papers. So the day spot has become available.

With that being said the Negative Nelly on my shift is taking that position until December when the one she really was waiting for opens up.

Of course I have put my hat into the ring for that position come December when it's available again. My charge nurse for Friday is also charge for the days and really wants me on it.

So in the meantime its up up up in the air about where I will actually be working come Monday. My current hall, which is my preference at this point for the time being or because the backhall day person is doing a double, the front hall. But I have heard rumors that they hired two new nurses. Of course they would need some training. But we are in dire need of a float person again. I myself have no problems giving the front hall to the new person. But would I be training them? Hummm.. training is what I did at my old job... so we'll see.

It's like a soap be continued

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