Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thoughtful Notes & Ego boosts

I tried to take a picture but I couldn't figure out how to shut off the flash so all I get is a blurry sheet of paper. But yesterday one of my residents wrote me a note.

" Christine! You are a very good LPN. You ALWAYS have a smile everytime I see you. I love you."

Awww... that was so nice.

Then later that night one of my other residents comes wheeling up to me to get their meds. I haven't been on that side for a few months and there had been some changes to the routine. But from Friday to Monday I remembered what they got and just pulled them all out as they watched. " Wow I am impressed. You did that all from memory and got it right. Everyone else has to look them up. I am very impressed."

So yeah overall it was a great ego boosting night! ;-)

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