Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Block 3 Orientation is in the books....

And of course I picked up my books for this semester. I think carrying these across the parking lot & across campus counts for my strength training exercises for today.

So as feared there were only a few of us that are Advanced Placement or Transfer students into an established cohort. There are @ 50 students in our group for the summer. So far everyone seemed exactly like regular nursing students; Type A overachievers, with strong personalities, and serious competitive streaks. But all in all a few were outwardly friendly. I imagine it will get a bit better when clinical starts and we break down into smaller groups once class starts. They were all a bit frazzled still as they had just taken their Block 2 final yesterday. I imagine their decompression will be short lived.

So anyhoo...

We went over the syllabus and all of the paperwork that we will need completed by the first day of class. Since my clinical for Med/Surg is first up and at the VA, I have to head out to the VA to get my fingerprints and background check for them. Hopefully I can get all of that completed prior to start of clinicals which looks to be 6/12.

There are also about 200 pages to read and 4 case studies to do prior to Peds theory which the first class is on 5/23. I may need to start now to get this all finished on time. Welcome Back Christine!

So anyway off to finish up my Ethics Final and perhaps get some Patho studying in for the final on that. I am pretty sure I need to take that one by the 11th... Eeek... oh well probably should have paid more attention to that date a bit better.

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  1. I have a few of those same books! Yikes, it seems like you going back ot school is a for sure thing...are you ready??