Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Have I mentioned...

That while looking at my theory vs clinical, it appears that they won't match. Which is fine, because well, not much of the information is really new, except some lab skills regarding IV push meds, and Heparin and such. So it looks like I have Peds Theory with Med/Surg clinicals. OB theory with Peds clinicals, and then Med/Surg Theory with Ob clinicals to round out the semester.

Why is it that I still wrinkle my nose at the idea of a Peds clinical? LOL


  1. Ok I'm confused, did you get into the BSN program? The last I remembered you couldn't get in b/c you had to wait on something that wouldn't come in time....?

  2. Yes and no. Yes I got into the RN program for the summer start which starts on the 21st! Not the BSN program, although my program matriculates into an upper division nursing program for a BSN upon completion if I so choose. RN graduation however, is this December.

    Everything I was waiting for to come in came in.