Friday, May 25, 2012

First Week

Is in the books and now my nose needs to follow. I like the way this teacher teaches. I really have learned a lot already and have established some new ways to think about things. I really hope I can do well on her tests though. It's tough to get back in the habit of thinking like a nursing student, heck, it's tougher to get in the habit of thinking like an RN nursing student. It is a little bit more in-depth with the assessments, although I think even though she thinks she separates her "RN" hat from her "Provider" hat, she is a PNP, she actually does a lot of cross over with her expectations upon assessment finding. But hey I could be wrong.

If you're looking for me... I will probably be the one buried under here

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  1. OMG that's her for you. She gave us the same talk about Provider and RN hat. I swear she rehearses that in the mirror!