Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Schedule for the summer looks a little like this:

*** update***

Well next week my schedule will be work free. Why? Because I just received a call saying my case was admitted to the hospital and will probably be there all week. 1. Scary because of the temps. 2. Well it gives me a chance to acclimate to school. 3. Man why wasn't it last week or the week before, when I had actual paid time left?

Sun- Get caught up day, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, maybe gym if I don't have too much homework.
Mon- School from 8-4 then gym after that maybe around 7 or 8
Tue- School from 8-4, then gym around 7 or 8
Wed- School from 8:30- 2:00, Trainer from 3-4, nap from 5-6:30,work from 7pm-7am
Thur- School from 8:30 - 2:00, 3:00-6:30 SLEEP, work from 7pm-7am
Fri- No school sleep from time I get home until I wake up. Work from 7pm-7am- (30 min on bike at work)
Sat- No school, sleep from time I get home until I wake up. REST day, No work!

It is going to be a crazy summer.... but in the end it will be worth it!!


  1. That is rough!
    I hope you survive it!
    Yes, will be worth it in the end for sure!

  2. I know you will survive the summer! Call me if you need some study help. I just found out when you get to 4th block you will get to meet a friend of mine, he's pretty excited

    1. Are there two 4th Blocks running in the Fall?

  3. My Lord you're going straight from work to school with NO sleep & then only sleeping THREE hours before you go back. I would literally be the walking dead & certainly wouldn't want to care for anyone. You are a super woman for sure!

    1. Yeah Thursday's are going to suck. I expect to lose a complete day over the weekend to sleeping. Good thing I have a co-worker now on NOC shift, so IF I need to take a lunch break and catch a catnap, she will cover for me. I imagine I will need one.