Monday, May 7, 2012


January 6, 2009 was my first orientation for nursing school. Back when the LPN program was my back-up plan. I was more excited than nervous at the time. All fresh and new and ready for the challenge.

Tomorrow is Advanced Placement orientation for the LPN-RN program. All that means is that I join an already established cohort in Block 3. The hardest part of that is that these people have already formed their "bonds". I have this dread feeling, reminiscent of highschool when every year I was the new kid trying to figure out where to sit for lunch. I am sure it won't be that bad, as I am sure there are quite a few others who have been invited to join the cohort as well.

So in two weeks my last two semesters of nursing school start. Am I ready? I sure as hell hope so. This is the dream I have always wanted! RN = Real Nurse.

Oh and I have been using
to do review questions to get a jump start on the first subject up Peds.