Thursday, May 10, 2012

School Supplies

Yeah I am getting the notebooks ready for the semester. Course I do not think it will be the same as this one but it's fun to have something organized and interesting to break up the stress of the situation. I can't find my label maker of days gone by, but I have found some cute sticky letters for the process. I just need to get a glue stick or find some tape.

But seriously I am about ready for Patho and Ethics to be over. The last day to take the exam for Patho is on Saturday and you can bet your ass that will be the last day I take it. I just have found that as per usual this format is just not condusive to me learning the material. What I do know has been from my nursing classes. I think I maybe retaking this class to improve my grade in an in person format one of these days. At present I will be lucky if I pull a C out of it. I just have not had the motivation for this class.

Ethics on the other hand I have a big A and will maintain my A despite my final paper. Which all in all should be an A as well, but I am finding it hard to find sources to cite for it, considering I did not use the textbook or any other sources to write it, other than the knowledge of the subject from my head. But she says she wants supporting evidence so I will throw a few page numbers from the text or website and be done with it.

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