Thursday, August 2, 2012

Easier said than Done

Well Lab practicum was today. Very sad face. I passed 2 out of the 3 sections. I totally blanked on the Peds math section and missed the pass by 2 points. Which means I have to remediate next week and retake the math section after the final. Which is OK... at least I know that if I go over it again with her than I will get it like I did the first time we went over it and it'll be fresh for the retest :-)

Good news is she said NO ONE has failed to move forward in the program because of failing the Peds math section.

Also, I ran out of time. We were supposed to have 60 minutes to complete it but at 30 she said times up. WTF was with that?


  1. I'd be pissed about the early completion time.. I need every minute I can get when doing math!
    You're still a rockstar!!!

  2. Good thing that no one has failed the program just because of failing the Peds math section. It's okay girl, go get'em next week.

  3. Ya don't worry about failing. It is just a sign you need to slow down and go over content that didn't stick the first time.

    I've remediated a few students and after a few sessions then ended up finishing testes first and with some of the best possible grades.

    Keep up the positive attitude and use it to focus on learning.
    All the best