Sunday, August 12, 2012

The big crash

Emotionally speaking that is. It seems I am in the midst of my annual emotional meltdown and anxiety/panic ridden bottom out after riding the stress train that is school.

It seems to happen after every stress filled class is over. After LPN graduation it happened. After that Chemistry class from hell ended it happened, and once again it has happened.

I guess the good news is the let down will not be long until the stress builds up again next week.

But this sucks!!!

Anyone that has dealt with depression before will know, but this sudden low low makes it nearly impossible to concentrate and I feel this weird feeling of despair mixed with overwhelming anxiety and panic.

I wonder if the stressed out feeling and the reason I am getting through, what others seem to think is impossible, is because the stress comes with an emotional high that propels me through the lack of sleep related to working full-time and school full-time?

Hummm... sounds a little Bipolar doesn't it? Well whatever it is, I am breaking down and hitting up the doctor and perhaps getting on some meds to help avoid the crash next time.


  1. I definitely see the working and school combined with the lack of sleep and trying to keep up with family life- who wouldn't crash from all that? You are in NURSING school.. this is heavy stuff, plus working, whacky sleep, trying to lose weight.. I know I would be barely functional!
    I hope hanging out tomorrow perks you up! I know it helps me to hang with a friend when I'm feeling low! Please, vent, unload on me, punch me, whatever I can do to help, I'm there!

  2. I'd suggest hun that part of the crash is due to other things like the fact that you are getting way little sleep, trying to hold down work, seeing a personal trainer and all this weight loss. You have a ton on your plate besides school and it's adding to the stress level.

    Try and remember to take a little time to do something enjoyable that has nothing to do with the list of above things, it really helps

    1. Thanks Chan.. if only it were only the things above. Since it happened before, I even found the posts, I think there is a trend. But I DO plan on doing something fun... a vacation... in January after graduation!