Thursday, August 16, 2012

Final Grade SNAFU

Yesterday was just a day from hell and it got worse when at about 1100pm I checked to see if they had posted the final grades yet and lo and behold they had.

To what to my wondering eyes did appear? A huge fucking shock is what was there.

It was a big fat ...... C???

I immediately pulled out the syllabus, calculated my total points again and wow were they wrong! I tossed off an email to the lead teacher and pretty much fumed over it the rest of the night and since I was working at the time, it was a long night.

The good thing was they fixed it to the B it should have been this morning, no problem,but the lesson I took away from this... a C would KILL my GPA and ladies and gents I worked pretty dang hard and had too many sleepless days to see it tank!

So C may = degree but NEVER in my book does that make it OK.


  1. holy crap! that'd drive me crazy!

  2. Whoa I seriously would have had a small TIA!!!