Sunday, August 26, 2012

Psych Review and EKG strips

In the midst of studying for the first Psych quiz. Make or break right as there are only two?

We also were introduced to the world of mcg/kg/per min and reading EKG strips... (baby boxes and big boxes, PR intervals, ST segments, QRS complexes.... what?

I have no idea what she was talking about and she talks FAST!!

So do you think I have a procrastination problem, if I spent a few hours cleaning the house from top to bottom and the housekeepers are supposed to come tomorrow?

LOL Ok... I did do a lot of studying, but sometimes your brain just screams.."DO SOMETHING ELSE."

Looks good and smells good in here... now I have to run to the grocery store. I am really trying to work on my defense mechanisms and response to anxiety and stress... yup that's Psych studying for ya!

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  1. This is a awesome post! I'm actually going to start taking nursing ceu courses so your journey really intrigues me, I love reading posts like this. Thank you for sharing this with me!