Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Psych clinical + odds and ends

My first day of psych clinical was a great day actually. There wasn't a bed to be made in sight! I enjoyed talking to the Vets and getting their insight on their conditions, their hospitalization and finding out about their history.

The Vets are my second favorite patient population, I like ante/postpartum the best of course,but if given the choice to work at any facility PostGrad I have and would always choose the VA. (Especially if offered the OR)

As luck would have it our Psych clinical instructor is also our Psych lecture instructor... and she is AWESOME in clinical!!

Overall great day and the first exam wasn't so bad either. If only I would have read one of the damn questions correctly I would have pulled off a 100%. Urgh!

So I also found out today that those that did not have a B at the time of the Preceptorship draft were all put in Med/Surg sites... except there are also those that have the option this term to forgo hospital Preceptorship in place of SIM Preceptorships. What that means is that they will spend their 6-9 shifts using the SIM lab, running scenarios, codes, and such... but they also get the chance to take the EKG class as well as get their ACLS certification out of the way.

Now I think I like that idea too... except... if I actually did get my first choice in preceptorship there is no way in hell I would give it up. Because I was one of the lucky ones that DID have a B at the time the selection was done and none of the options were changed. So....

Now they just need to tell us what we got already!!

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  1. Don't give up the preceptorship! It gives you some time to meet the staff at the hospital and dazzle them with you skills. A couple people in my class walked out with job offers or at least awesome letter of recommendation. SIM's just don't cut it girl