Monday, February 11, 2013

RN to BSN update

Enrollment has begun. Got the degree plan today. Official start date of April 8th. I have already completed the College Success class they require though, so at least that one is out of the way.

Anticipated Graduation date 9/21/14

Sem 1

NUR3816 Dimensions of Professional Nursing (4)
HUM-Work & Family (4)
ENG-Adv Comp (4)

Sem 2
NUR3508 Quality and Safety in Nursing (4)
ENG-American Lit (4)
HIS-Visions of America (4)

Sem 3
NUR3177 Health Assessment (4)
HUM-Contemp World Lit(4)
MAT-Gender in Math & Science (4)

Sem 4
NUR3205 Applied Pathophysiology (4) BLEXK (The one I had taken was not on a 300 level so retake it is, but could be worse)
NUR3655 Transcultural Nursing (4)
NUR4165 Nursing Research (4)

Sem 5
NUR4870 Nursing Informatiics (4)
NUR4529 Public Health and Community Nursing (4)
NUR3418 Introduction to Alternative and Complimentary Therapies (4)

Sem 6
NUR4773 Leadership and Management in Nursing (4)
NUR4909 Nursing Capstone (4)

Senior Seminar


  1. How exciting, 9/14 will be here before you know it!
    They look like full time semesters.. you'll fit that in with two jobs ok? lol (I know, what CAN'T you do)

    1. Yeah if they can ever get their acts together and I actually start working 2 jobs. My 1 job has a lot of down time so that is pretty much when I do all of my homework. They are used to it. But yeah they are each 4 credit classes so it is full-time. :-)

    2. yes, getting school work done at work is an awesome benefit of that job!!!