Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I am not changing my name...

Because the journey continues. Nursing school that is. Of course it's not all that exciting now, just boring classes, but another 18+ months to go. Is it me or does it feel like school will just never end?

18+ months from now and the next Journey will start and that is my Master's Degree Program, of course at that point I shall have to decide exactly what I want my degree to be in. Do I go the Education route, the Management route, the Informatics Route (not likely), or do I go the FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) route? I am leaning toward Education right now.

Ok so anyway, back to preparing for this first batch of classes.


  1. Girl I hear ya!! I only have 2 more semesters after this one before I graduate from nursing school but then I am looking at anywhere from 2-4 MORE years, depending on whether or not they get rid of the Master's degrees & switch everything over to the DNP. Crossing my fingers that they don't. I don't know why we're trying to make it HARDER to advance our degrees!! Anyhoo. Just want you to know that you're not alone :)

  2. If you choose to be an educator, do a fabulous job so all your students will love you!