Thursday, February 14, 2013

When it rains it pours...

With that said I just received a call for an interview next Thursday for an inpatient RN position, plus that interview I mentioned yesterday for the other Peds Homecare position, as well as,I am still in the mix for the visiting nurse position, and well we all know that I am not willing to give up my current case EVER.

So anyway, I applied to a bunch of places, just like everyone else, and a bunch of places have started calling back... eeek

Ok so THE perk of this position... student loan forgiveness!! It is for the Indian Health services!(Gosh now this one I really really want!!) 10 hour rotating day shifts with EOW. So this allows me to maintain my other position and still pick up some of her school hours as well. Like I said before, she has many days where she doesn't go to school at all, so I will be good there as well and can do PRN with the visiting nursing company. Of course if I am only able to pick up a few of her days that is ok too. She was VERY excited at the idea of having even more time with me.

So with all of that, here is the scoop as to why am I doing all of this. The simple concept is Career satisfaction and pay checks! Those are the keys right now to accomplishing the rest of my "list". Debt free, downpayment on the "A" Mansion, decorating said house, and of course being able to support hubby not working full-time outside of the house so that we can get kiddos. Of course my long term goal is NOT to have to work more than 1 or 2 jobs forever, but long enough to get all of the things accomplished that really need to be seen to, like my credit score.

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