Saturday, February 2, 2013

Broken Heart

So I did explain to the family about the new Peds job and the likelihood that I would not even end up there at all as a nurse. We did discuss possibly 2 shifts at 8 hours each then doing the other 24 at the Hospital. I am mostly hoping for this and would love to continue in this case. I hope she can push for it with the agency and that they don't decide to reassign me off it totally as they had threatened. This still allows the agency to get a nurse for 32 hours a week ie full-time so it's not like they haven't done that before. But we did discuss that they need an RN for her and not an LPN if they rehire. However the Mom does not really want them to replace me at all and has even suggested not getting nursing after I leave and I will just take her on weekends and when I get kiddos Mom will come and work for me. We also discussed changing the agency, but since she works for them, she wasn't sure if they would retaliate or something. But her husband was all for it! LOL So I am at least hoping.

It sucks but they understand the reasons behind needing to get acute care experience as a new grad so that I don't get locked into a limited path.

Anyway, I do start training at the Peds Hospital tomorrow night.

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