Sunday, February 10, 2013

Careful Careful Careful

IV antibiotics x 2 via central line 1 q8 and 1 q6. TPN via central line continuously. Q4 blood sugar and q4 T & BP. Not to mention numerous NGT meds. The good part... only 1 pt. So yeah this is really where I belong!

Super freaked out about maintaining aseptic technique so we avoid another line infection. It's pretty hard with a home case who is neutropenic as well. I really wish there was a line cap we could use like a Curos or something. I am considering taping a chlorhexidine wipe to the end between accessing and stuffing the end in a glove finger... maybe that will work?

I seriously have to get a hold of my Administrator and get my damn RN raise! They have my info now. I will call again tomorrow. So so many things right now that need to fall into place with jobs. Urgh, I sound like a broken record.


  1. Did you switch jobs? I saw in the previous post you were thinking about moving to another area of nursing. Hang in there!

    1. I decided not to continue working at the Peds Hospital, but I am still working my Homecare peds case, which has become pretty acute lately.

      I am still weighing some options for additional work however. But it will not be in a hospital setting just yet.