Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Completed my ACLS class today. Now I just need to complete PALS. I need some more money first though. I submitted my reimbursement request today, so as long as it is on my next check then I will turn it around and do the PALS class.

I am also considering adding a few other certifications, the problem is, the more I realize that I am lazy and really don't want to work that hard for not a lot of money, the more I realize that acute care doesn't mean that much to me. Makes me wonder why exactly I am even doing the BSN aspect of it? But ya never know because I always change my mind. (Still want the Perioperative one, however there is some not good news with that one right now, but it could change.)

So anyway... got a call today that a nurse is leaving my case that takes her to school. So guess what! LOL... Since it is with another company it does not interfere with my current full-time job, but allows me to pick up the extra hours that I need to allow me to get this plan moving already!

Let's see, be with her all night then take her to school 3 days a week. Actually it could be all week. They do have other hours they would like me for, except I am not bilingual. I really wish I could make the Spanish Language stick inside my head!

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