Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is it meant to be?

Do you ever wonder how you end up in the places you do? In Block 1 we were asked, "What do you want to do when you graduate?" My reply, " Anything but Pediatrics, I don't even want Peds during clinical." I just knew that the PACU and OR were areas that would interest me. I had a lot of patient experience with that area of nursing and was fascinated with it. (Nothing has changed there, btw and I am stilling applying into the Perioperative Program's next start date) Yet, I enjoyed my clinicals in Peds. Especially the time I had in the PICU. The "floor" was interesting as well, whereas NICU didn't have enough action for me, I could now see the opportunity there for me as well.

So I sit here and contemplate how I ended up here. I am about to start another chapter of my nursing career, this time as an RN, and as Pediatric Floor Nurse at a small children's hospital tonight. I am a bit scared and yet very excited about the opportunity that this will allow in my future career.

Of course I am not totally out of the running for an acute care position in adult neuro/rehab... but I would not count on getting that one at this point. I still must maintain two jobs either way for a year so that I could continue on my path to being debt free and getting the money for the down payment and mortgage on the new McMansion. Who knows maybe my visiting nurse RN job will get their census up and give me a call to start seeing patients!

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  1. hey, you right remember me saying at one point that I was never going to work in an ICU. I also vowed to never work with respiratory pts if I could at all help it and now you go over my resume and see "Ventilator Rehab" and "ICU" it is kind of funny how things work out