Monday, April 6, 2009

5 weeks left

Wow only 5 weeks left in this semester. Can't say I'll be off for the summer because I will be taking classes all summer as usual. For the next 5 weeks there is a test every week alternating with Pharmacolgy starting this week and Theory starting next week, back and forth, all ending with finals starting May 8th (Clincial skills check offs), May 11th(Pharmacolgy) and the last one on May 14th(Theory)!

Then joy of all joys my summer classes: I still have one freaking Algebra (MAT122) left to take. YUCK! Now I know its a waste of time because I have been doing dosage and calculations math and it is NOT as hard and does not contain all the crap in that class. I think however, I am starting it this monththe 20th or the 27th! I had to get a waiver to take the online version, because I hurried through MAT092, yes I was that bad in math that I only tested into Introductory Algebra, but I digress, so since I got a C in it, my C was a 78 though, but the pre-req for this Algebra class is a B, so since I was so close I was able to get a waiver so I can take it. Chemistry starts May 18th and Humanaties. So thats 10 credits over the summer sessions.

August starts second semester and will contain my Microbiology course, which is my last Gen. Ed requirement. I don't think I could pull off the Chem and Micro at the same time. I also have the option to take the IV certification course as another class as well as the regular second semester classes. I am pretty excited about that.

Well off to bring my son to school then back to cram a little for side effects and pt teaching into my head for my Pharmacology test at 12:30


  1. Anoterh student Nurse! :)
    I found you on Steph's blog. I start my pharmacology over here in the UK in May also. I am dreading it. Math, Algebra and me do not mix well! X.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'll be sure to check out your blog. Yes I am dreading ALGEBRA!

  3. I'm worn out just reading about it all! Good luck on everything!