Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yellow ooze and white goo

Biliary drainage tube & g-tube dressing changes.

3 Clinical days left.

We have to give report at post conference from the perspective of our Pt. How on earth can you do that?!?

" I spent all day asking when I was going home, wondering where my room was, and why I am here. Where am I again?"


  1. What an awesome description of anything related to G-tubes and biliary drainage. And your patient perspective made me laugh like crazy.

    Good luck on your last 3 clinical days! When is your semester officially over? I have less than 2 weeks (whoohoo!)

  2. Right there with ya!! I have two clinical days left and my last final is May 5th. We have ATIs to contend with though...bleck! Good luck to you.