Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just another lazy weekend

So I've managed to just finish two papers for Pharmacology and will now study for the test in Pharm on Monday. Sometime in there I will read and outline the 4 Chapters (i.e. 80 or so pages) for Tuesday's class, transcribe the lecture notes from last weeks class into a study guide and work on Careplan #3 for clinical.

Of course I managed to make the family quesadillas for lunch, then threw some pork and BBQ sauce into the crock pot for pulled pork sandwich's and whipped up a potato salad to go with it. Of course the family wants to have a fire tonight and make s'mores!

So no I am not going to clean, dust, or do laundry! It's 6pm and I've finally managed to take a shower and get dressed. I was thinking of walking the dog she's grumpy and needs it and well yeah I should walk too. MMMMM.. s'mores!!

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