Monday, April 20, 2009

I can't spell...

Well I could have gotten out of having to do the last Careplan but apparently there were spelling mistakes on it and it's unprofessional if there are misspelled words or typos.

Well yeah I can see that. However, doing another Careplan isn't going to fix the fact that typos happen,spell check auto corrects into the wrong words, and to top it off has no clue how to spell medical terms. Does doing another Careplan for that reason really mean shit?

OK well whatever! It is what it is. I had already planned on doing it anyway.

But come on SPELLING?

My DX,R/t,AEB,Priorities, Interventions, & Outcomes, as well as medical and family histories are GREAT otherwise! Her words not mine.

Fuck it! Only 2 weeks of clinical left!


  1. Are you kidding??? Can't you just fix the misspells? Egad! But you can do anything for two wks, right??? (that's what I keep telling myself as I jump through hoops!) Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. I think it is funny when working on care plans in Word and I get a fit from my spell checker. With all of the lingo, it's no wonder we can't spell when working on our care plans!!

  3. yep my computer hated anything medical...all i would see is red...why can't the dictionary have everything in it...i was constantly adding new words lol...good luck with the count down...i enjoy ur blogs