Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday What's Up...

1.) Have been having a lovely debate about the merits of bi-coastal marriages with the family on facebook. Apparently there is a new trend in this.

2.) Husband and Dad are on their respective flights coming home as I write this.

3.) I should be working on that freaking Careplan, but I am not!

4.) I have discovered Twitter... which is stupid, but it's like a spyglass on the stars, if you care, which apparently I do. Except for Perez Hilton, which I had to unfollow, only because he is just so full of himself and a dang drama queen!

Well I think I'll get some lunch and watch soaps! Oh no I mean do my Careplan, yeah that's it I'll be doing my Careplan!

1 comment:

  1. lol procrastinators Unite tommorrow! lol

    good luck on the care plans...i have been to fairfax nice area...i hope your able to figure out about the move