Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bi-coastal cuddling

So hubby is in VA right now fixing a work SNAFU on a DOD contract. Not his fault at least,so all good there. However, he did learn that the wages there really beat what he's making here. By double! So he was talking to the guy he was working with and he's going to give him some more information. If the cost of living is comparable then it may make since.

Of course being smack in the center of school I can't really take off and move there either, plus my daughter would have a cow right now. But with a nursing degree in hand I can go anywhere too.

So do we try and do the bi-coastal thing for a while and see if the money makes it worth it? I think if he can find a long term rental hotel type place for less than $500 a month it might be worth it. Plus well, I really have been thinking of moving back toward the east coast for a year now. Just not sure of the winter idea. I don't miss winters. I do miss green and the beach!

The bad thing is that my parents moved here, cuz we were here, but mainly because they wanted to. But yeah I feel STUCK!! I don't like the idea of being stuck somewhere! And I'll feel bad if I leave. But them my mother says something demeaning and here we go again.

URGHHHHH!!I wish I could just be happy!


  1. Virginia is beautiful...what part are you looking at?

  2. This place is about 40 miles outside of Fairfax... so not sure where to live yet. Commute till we can afford it? LOL