Wednesday, April 8, 2009

8 days

8 days of clinical at the LTC left. Just 8 days, it sounds better than 4 weeks.

I started to fill out my clinical site evaluation and let me just say that it did not score well!

The biggest thing is that compared to the other clinical groups we are just not getting many skills! That and since the skills are so few and far between when we do get to do something our instructor is hovering there and asking so many questions it makes giving a simple Colace or a Tylenol take an hour!

What are they getting that med for? How does it work in the body? How can you administer it? What are the side effects? What are the things to assess before and after giving the med? What would the primary nursing diagnosis be? What labs should you do? How do you think you did? What did you like best? What could you have done better?

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