Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Med Surg I -A

Well we are starting Med-Surg next week after our Nutrition and Complimentary/Alternative Therapy test( i.e the crap we covered today in class) is over.

Its not Med-Surg 1 officially until next semester so it's kinda like Med-Surg 1-A.

The 21st we are going down to the OR!! I am so excited. We were told that since most of our patients at this point in time for "learning" purposes will be post-op we might as well see what goes on inside the OR. They are going to set up a mock abdominal surgery so we can learn the difference between the scrubs,where to walk within the sterile field, how to gown the doctor, how to sterilize instruments, do counts, etc. A fun little field trip to break up the lectures and boring as crap LTC clinical!

So Med-Surg 1-A contains: Diseases of the Urinary System, Diseases of Integumentary System,Immune Disorders, Care of the PT with HIV/AIDS, and Care of the Pt with Cancer.

Busy Busy Busy


  1. I was soooo excited for my first trip to the OR too. It is AWESOME...Hope you have fun! ;-)

  2. That's not fair, they should let you see a real surgery! I got to see three, in fact it's what made me really consider becoming an OR nurse. I hope later in the program you'll get that chance. Take care!

  3. The real ones are next semester, they want us prepared so we don't screw up in the ACTUAL OR! OR and PACU really call me too so I really hope I get to see some real surgerys too!

  4. Have fun! When I did my rotation in the OR all I saw were endoscopies and colonoscopies!!