Monday, April 27, 2009

New week... no whine...

As if I could not whine about something?!? LOL

But seriously it's a new week and it is the last week of clinical for the semester! I am soooo happy to be outta that place soon! Last week was so slow and they had such a low census that even the instructor commented finally that we weren't just dodging things, that there really wasn't much going on skills wise and not much to do on Friday. So just in case its still slow, we get to bring our lab kits in and practice and sign off on sterile gloving, PPE and dry dressing changes and stuff on each other.

Today is my last regularly scheduled Pharmacology test. Mix of mental health meds, which we were tested on in theory, so I am hoping it won't be too hard. There were only a few add ins randomly placed like Ritilin, Adderall & Imitrex. So I hope there isn't something I missed when studying those. She does tend to pull up off the wall, where did that come from material.

There is an open lab this week to practice skills at school after classes. It's not mandatory but they are paying attention to who goes. I was thinking of going today, but I know when I get there it'll be Christine teaching what I know and not practicing what I don't know. I was already told people wanted to work with me on assessment, because unlike in clinical, our check offs consist of 26 places for respiratory sounds, the cardiac points, the cranial nerves and head to toe everything else. Which needs to be spat off in a spiel about intercostal spaces, systole and maximum points of intensity. Not to mention vesicular sounds,capillary refill,turgor,symmetry and the like.

Ok off to take the boy to school then back to get some last minute studying in before class.

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