Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cure for Boredom

So I did it, I made the call to pick up some hours. Of course not CNA hours, I could just not bring myself to actually do that, so I called the DDD ( Division of Developmental Disabilities) that I work with, remember the baby respite I did over the summer? Well I called to pick up some more hours with them. If I don't get out of this house and do something financially productive then I will certainly go postal.

I really hope these people have a better "worker" than my nephew does. Someone who actually does his job,cuz I need to get paid!

Once I start getting some money for the gas, perhaps I can volunteer again! It does kinda suck living out here in the sticks... everywhere is far away and gas sure aint cheap!


  1. I hear ya on living in the sticks! I love living out here, but damn there is NO feasible way I could ever get a little side job or anything. Sooo far from everythig... but I love the house and view, so I'll deal.

  2. lol I can't wait to see your house. I am hoping that maybe we can head over there sometime before we have to give the good car back to my parents- oh and have gas money.