Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's In the Game...

So no resolutions this year, because let's face it I never keep them. But I have decided that I really need to take action for my health and for my future. Now I KNOW I need to lose alot of weight and I really KNOW that I am really bad at craving things. I stress eat and I sit on my butt alot.

Sooooo... I am taking Bob Greene's advise and starting the workout before I start any major food changes. I don't plan on giving up a ton of things. There won't be alot of "I can't eat that", because we all know the things you can't have are the things you totally will be sneaking. So in keeping with that plan. I have been hooked up with a copy of EA Sports Active.

So as of Monday I am going to wake up my muscles, that are atrophied, and start their 30 day challenge. Then I start a real fitness program at the Gym.

So new year, new career, new me!

Stay tuned the challenge begins on.... 1/18/10

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