Monday, January 4, 2010

Do I dare?

Say that I am bored when there are so many things I could be doing, and since October of 2007 pretty much have had very little free time, to do them.

I made turkey soup today.

Then spent most of the day playing the in and out game with the puppy,Gunner. I am very deeply still in the process of potty training(housebreaking) this mutt and his 4 month old bladder is having trouble getting the hang of it. This weekend he spent it peeing as he ran to the door, a trail of stinky pee in his wake. But today he is back on track. It may be because my husband asks him if he has to go and sits there waiting for an answer like the puppy can talk or something. Of course to be fair our dog Sasha actually does tell us when she has to go, in a howl that really does sound like " I gotta go " as she wiggles her butt all the way to the door begging us to follow quickly!

Oh and I have been waiting for the inevitable vomit that will be appearing today, I can hear and smell the evidence gurgling in Sasha's belly as the foul garbage tries to evade digestion. Gosh I hope all the trips I have been making to let them both out every few minutes will receive the fruits of that labor.

And of course not to leave the cat out of the mix... Colt, my daughter's cat has spent the day trying to escape out of said door every chance he gets, not withstanding the fact that I can hear the coyotes baying in the distance, whom I am sure would love to have a little cat for dinner!

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