Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gosh the blog is going to be boring this semester

LOL... as the start of the new semester gets closer, I have NONE of the nervous excitement that I have had for the past two! Microbiology, Chemistry and Cinema have no draw! Micro is online and Chemistry and Cinema are in person. Tuesday,Thursday nights and Wednesday morning respectively. Once again a hulu view of Grey's Anatomy. But I just don't think Chem is going to be a GPA booster of a course and as such an in-person class at an alternate college this term. Course its extra student loan paperwork. But less gas and travel time! Yeah!

Of course NCLEX-PN is still looming there for the taking, the job hunt (as days go by I feel the hope of finding a job just dwindle away), & of course getting ready for the application dates for the RN semesters and the Nursing School drama again!

But in the mean time my break is over and tomorrow starts the NCLEX studying with gusto!

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