Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ahhh the time has come to officially licence the daughter! I am filled with excitement and adventure for her, sorrow and worry for me. Sorrow because my baby is growing up so fast and worry... well I don't have to explain that one to any Parent.

I drove her to school this AM and we discussed that I would take her next week for the test. She says, " Have you seen that little red car on the lot over by the school?" --->

" Yes, Dad and I have noticed it. Why?" I say. Knowing her answer, of course we had been eyeing the same car for about a month now and giving it every consideration as her first car.

"Oh, I want something like that." she says.
" So I should just buy it for you?"
" Yup and since my "father" owes me a birthday & Christmas present, he should help you." she matter-of-factly states.
" Don't hold your breath." I say. As we pull up to the school. She says she is going to ask him, I know she will be disappointed.

It shouldn't be all about money, but to a teenager who feels the thin strings of her relationship with her biological father slipping away, who is taking Psychology and Sociology this semester, and has learned the term, "serial dad", she has had more and more awakening moments and noticed the parallels between the two.

Does he even have the money? YUP! Big bonus for joining the Army plus he has a job. Will it matter to him? I sure wish it would. It would make my day if I could just run out and buy her her first car, that big red bow moment you see on tv. The joy and excitement in her eyes.

Should she get a job and help buy her own car? Yup! Are there places hiring teenagers in AZ? Well not around here, the closest place is over 50 miles away... not even an option!

It does suck living in a bad economy in the middle of no where. Of course at some point I will be buying her a car, my Dad bought one for me, but a lot of things have to happen first... the most important one is me getting my freakin' paycheck so I can take the NCLEX!!

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