Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dream Interrupted...

So I had this dream and it kinda bothers me. I mean it could be taken so many ways, as dreams often are. So I figured I'd get your opinions on it.

I was at my Mom's house and in walks our dog Murphy, who just died. He was obviously hurt as he was still limping and you could still see blood on him but,he didn't seem too bothered by it. I was shocked, in my dream I said, " Murphy what are you doing here?" I was fully aware that he should not be here. He just came over to me and licked me and I bent to pet him and kissed his nose like I always did. Then he just turned around climbed the stairs and stood up on his back legs and turned on the light switch.I yelled for my hubby, " Do you see this!" He said "Yes" acknowledging that he was seeing this "ghost" too. He disappeared and then I woke up.So whatcha think?

As you may or not know, due to his injuries, his length of recovery time if any, and the extent of his lung collapse, we actually had to make the decision to euthanize him while he was under anesthesia. He already had a lame back leg and an issue with vomiting and losing weight periodically. I just feel so guilty for having to have made the decision that way.


  1. It's the hardest part about being a pet owner. Making that decision. We've all done it and second guessed ourself. I think Murphy just came back to you in your dream to thank you for making the right one.

  2. I think you feel guilty for putting him down, but this dream just verified your love for Murphy and his love for you. You did the right thing.