Saturday, January 7, 2012

Much ado about nothing

Trying to decide if I want to take the 4 week Interpreting Arrhythmias course this semester or not. It's great as a resume booster to go with my ACLS, PALS, NRP certifications and would be a big help with cardiac when I get to my critical care block.

Buts its a 10am class. Is it worth the lost sleep over?

Of course it's not like I actually want to work in an ICU when I get my RN, but those skills are great for the OR and PACU, which are two places I really am interested in.

Of course what are the odds of getting that?


  1. Better if you take the course? It can only be a good thing and its only four weeks?

  2. I agree with Cait, plus 10am isn't that early is it?

  3. I work NOC shift ladies... it's more late than early... considering I get out of work around 7am.