Monday, January 9, 2012

Poll of the Day

I frequent I am a frequent commenter on the boards. I have insight I think about certain things and I like to share. So if someone asked if they should choose NICU their current job or interview for a Public Health job, just to be close to a boyfriend, what would you say?

I say they are freakin' crazy and as a new grad should just wait a year and a half and become an experienced nurse in a specialty that actually lets them take that RN experience and move whereever they want with confidence in the future.

Let me see NICU or pregnancy tests to teens on the road to a lifetime of welfare?

Um.. no brainer right?

Disclaimer: (Yes, yes I know Public Health is more than pregnancy tests in reality... but not by much)


  1. Ok I'm sure I'm just completely cynical, but why would ANYONE commit career suicide for a man? I just don't get it. If that boyfriend is so great then he'll wait while that new nurse get's her feet wet & get's some experience under her belt. That's just crazy! I vote STAY WHERE YOU ARE!! But like I said, I'm pretty cynical when it comes to stuff like that.

  2. Is the boyfriend the only reason she would take the public health job? Or does she actually want to be a public health nurse. That's what matters. I beg to differ about it being "career suicide" or mere pregnancy tests. As a community health nurse for the past year, I have had an extremely challenging and rewarding career. Hospital nursing isn't for everyone...

  3. yes it was merely to be closer to her boyfriend.

  4. Nurse Teeny - I am sorry, I misspoke for sure. You are correct, hospital nursing is NOT for everyone. That's what is so great about nursing is that there are so many different avenues for all different types of people. I guess what I meant was that for a new nurse maybe it would be good for her to get some actual nursing experience in a hospital setting, but maybe that's just my misconception. I didn't mean to offend anyone :)

  5. I was visited in my lecture last semester by two public health nurses and if there were an opening after I gained my 2-3 years hospital med/surg experience I would go for it. I think it would be awesome to work in the community as a public health nurse. As for choosing to do it to be closer to a man, I'd say the girl should really want to do it for the job itself not the man.