Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

My year may have sucked going out, it may not have been like I planned. But overall I think it was a productive year.

*Samantha graduated High School and also started college!
*I passed Micro & Chemistry!
Family came to visit!
*I found an awesome job!
*We moved out of Maricopa!

Unfortunately we said goodbye to two special family members this year! I love you Aunt Cathy and Murphy! You are missed!

I hope 2012 is a great year for you all!

Looking forward to some special events this year...12-12-12 My baby boy turns 18! This should be his lucky year!I hope to start the RN program. More family visits coming! Maybe huge weight loss? Who knows what else the year will bring... but here's hoping to a happy healthy one!


  1. Have you already applied to the nursing program? If so when should you hear something?

  2. I missed the deadline for this term because of my fingerprint card needing to be updated to the new style... so as soon as that comes in I will submit my application for the late spring or Fall start at this point. It all depends on when that card comes. However, the college I got my LPN through has a matriculation agreement for BSN, so I have started their requirements for this semester, while I wait.

  3. Is there any doubt in your mind about going from LapBand to RNY? If so, I can provide encouragement! :-)

    Thanks for commenting on my posts!! For my Fundamentals class we had five exams. On about...oh the 4th brain figured out how to take the tests! I wish that they would have told us how to take the tests. It still irks me that it took me so long to figure it out. Next semester my only class will be Med-Surg (Fundies) and a Professional Development Class which is simply an Evidence Based Practice BS course to get your $$.


  4. "from LapBand to RNY?" I don't think my insurance covers any of RNY, as it is there are a million hoops to jump through for Lapband, still left at this point.

  5. I feel some good vibes for this year!!!