Thursday, January 12, 2012

Almost Friday

That means that my kids are coming home soon! They have been gone since the 26th of December and apparently it has had its ups and downs, both are very excited to get back to their own rooms. Sans crying babies, and people who hell more than we do? LOL is that possible?

Anyway, so much seems to have changed since they were gone.

So I am trying to plan a vacation for my birthday. Generally we go someplace or do something nice around my birthday, remember this trip?

Last year was Sami's graduation and the year before that was a poor year related to school. But when we first moved here, the first two years we went to this place.

So the options are, cruise with just hubby and I, or Harry Potter land with just me and the kids!

I think cost will be the winner... so stay tuned for the results.

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