Monday, January 30, 2012

HESI deja vu

So I went to submit my application and tackled both the HESI-PN and the HESI A2 today. I am here to report an increase in BOTH scores!! Yeah me.

I was very surprised at how well I did. On the HESI-PN I increased my score from a 1037 to a 1057. All I needed for application was 850. But higher scores get placed first! On the HESI-A2 I went from a cumulative score of 89% to 92%!

Let's just say that the atmosphere this time was a whole other world compared to this experience. When I looked at the sign in sheet you can see what everyone had come for and there were quite a few for the HESI-PN.

Now it's a waiting game and who knows what'll happen next.


  1. Yayayayayay! I'm proud of you Christine. I hope I can say the same thing next Friday after I take my HESI exam.

  2. Thanks Pam! I am sure you will Zazzy!

  3. just reading the word HESI made me go into a PTSD panic attack :D Congratulations though, what great news. I love being an RN and think it's wonderful when people go all the way through! Nice blog too glad I stopped by.

  4. oh well done! that is awesome!