Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why do you want to be a nurse...now?

This is not an essay question, only a thought I have from time to time given the job outlook for new grad nurses currently.

Me, well getting my RN means a lifelong goal achieved. I already have a job waiting for me as an RN, not my dream job, which is why my, in a hurry attitude, has waned of late. It's been replaced with an, I'll get there when I get there attitude instead. My hope is that the market will have improved by the time I get the Registered Nurse title. Plus I want to spend the least amount out of pocket to get there.

How about you? Are you still on a waiting list? Have you just started? Are you about to finish? What are your opinions about the job outlook? Do you think it won't effect you? Do you have a job lined up? Do you have connections? What are your plans?


  1. Honestly I never really think about where I'm going to work. I don't plan on being a RN for long. I want to go straight into the MSN program to get either my FNP or my DNP. So when I think about a job as a RN, it's always a temporary thing. That is IF I can survive this first semester and actually PASS a patho class that the teacher is basically making us teach ourselves!!! UGH!

  2. I don't have a job lined up but i'm lpn. that'll be 18 months. A year working full time as soon as I find osmething, and the market locally is reasonably robust if you're not picky. Then two more years full time upgrade. I'm not going to be an RN until 5 years hence.

    And I want to move to BC when that happens. Somewhere green. I haven't yet decided. IT will happen when it happens.