Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some Bullet Points

School- Tomorrow starts Clinical Healthcare Ethics and Human Pathophysiology starts next Monday. I am still enrolled in the Interpreting Arrhythmia course but there are only six people in the class so I have a feeling that it will be cancelled for lack of enrollment. I emailed the professor about it, of course I do not want to pay for the class, and buy the book, which mind you costs more than the class does, if the class is just going to get cancelled.

WLS- I have 1 more scheduled appointment to make 6. I could be having surgery either in March or in June. June if insurance requires me to continue with the visits, because I missed November, March- if the letter I write to them is sufficient. Somehow I really think it'll be June.

RN- still waiting on word from fingerprint card to submit my application.

Work- SNAFU with my paycheck vs vacation time, so I am working on getting that fixed. I should have been getting higher pay in lieu of benefit, thus no vacation time or tuition reimbursement, except I haven't. So either they have to pay me the past years worth of wages at the higher rate, or give me the vacation and sick hours to use, and I can submit reimbursement for my classes to them. So we shall see how that all turns out.


  1. Is there still time to sway you toward RNy?!? And all this fingerprint crud just makes me mad. I hate jumping through hurdles. My hurdle right now is taking a statistics class that is required for the BSN. It just sucks, I have procrastinated long enough but my time is coming soon. Hope you are dong well!!

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