Thursday, July 23, 2009

Depressed and I don't know why...

I sleep until 12pm and go to bed around 10ish. What is wrong with this picture? My dreams are more exciting than my life right now so I'd prefer to just continue to sleep.

I can't do much, because now we have two "broken" cars. Hubby has been taking the Jeep to work, it dies sometimes randomly, (a throttle issue I think) and now the Ford's check engine light has come on and its acting like it wants to stall and stuff. ( Not to mention the two broken A/C's- Jeep cost to fix $400, Ford cost to fix $200)

Its so HOT I don't feel like going outside and melting, and anything to do around here is a long drive ( impossible with two broken cars) and costs mucho money. Which I don't have any of at the moment.

So is it that I'm just bored or is it an alternate form of S.A.D? I used to suffer from S.A.D when we lived in Massachusetts because of the long winter and the lack of sun in the other seasons. Maybe because of feeling locked in by the heat right now and not being able to escape it is causing this blah!?! I don't know.

I hate to say this but I think I really miss Nursing School right about now! How crazy is that? LOL


  1. Ah Cristine, it must be the combination of everything! I hate being stuck at home and in miserable heat? Forget about it! You just don't want to move to much for fear of overheating. I understand the want for school to start, time always flys during school, no time to dwell on things:)

  2. don't wish it too fast...what i wouldn't do for a 10ish bedtime and a wake up at or even time to know something hope things get better