Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to the grind

Well its back home and back to the normal of normal life here in AZ. School work to catch up on, respite care to provide, and stress to deal with at home.

Not much else going on right now! I have the blahs... I think its "vacation over" let down

Oh and I think taking this long off of nursing school is a stupid idea between semesters! When Aug 18th comes and Nursing classes start again, I feel like I'll be starting from scratch already! I must read! I must do more NCLEX questions! I must review all my notes!

I must be nuts!


  1. Maybe you should ban the word must from your vocabulary? I'll be taking the NCLEX PN in 6-8 weeks and I haven't even studied for it. I have 2 finals to pass in mid august first so I will be leigiable to take the NCLEX. :)